My 13 year old Arab-Friesian mare was a rescue who came to me at age 7. Since the time I got her, she has been plagued with ulcers, poor muscle development, irritability, and then a torn rear suspensory. After the injury, I was advised to retire her as a pasture pet. After trying to address all of her issues and finding no permanent solutions while generating lots of vet bills, I had almost given up. Then I made the acquaintance of Martha Faraday. It turned out that all of her issues came down to nutrition. Once the nutritional fixes were…

BP & Oswald

My 17 year old OTTB was having a difficult time gaining or maintaining his weight. I tried feed increases and adding weight building supplements, but despite this, continued to see him struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Martha provided me with knowledge and guidance on my horse’s specific dietary needs, and how to more effectively ensure that his feed and supplement regimen was specifically addressing these needs. After two months on the dietary plan developed by Martha, my horse’s physical health and appearance have significantly improved. BP & Oswald
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I rescued a Thoroughbred gelding named Ten Years Gone from a kill buyer 5 years ago. We think he’s between 20-22 years old. He lost weight and no matter what I tried he wouldn’t gain weight back. We found out he had exceptionally low vitamin E levels. Tried giving him 10,000 IU a day and made little headway in terms of his weight. Finally, I consulted Martha Faraday. He was placed on soaked alfalfa pellets, camelina oil, vitamin E, medicinal mushrooms for gut healing and support, aloe juice and he is like a different horse. Finally, he is starting to…

BW & Lacey

My horse’s name is Lacey. She was diagnosed with EPM and underwent the recommended treatment prescribed by my veterinarian. Although she did improve, she was never 100%. Then she was diagnosed with EPM the second time and I was devastated. Since she never came back physically 100% the first time, I was very concerned what would happen the second time. Martha recommended a nutraceutical-based protocol in conjunction with what my veterinarian recommended. When Lacey was through with both regimens she was 100% her old self. I can’t say enough good things about Martha’s recommended EPM rehabilitation protocol. Thank you for…
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CD & Pearl

Dr. Martha Faraday saved my 2 year old Morgan filly’s life.  My vet had done bacterial testing and other blood work to determine the cause of Pearl’s chronic diarrhea. There was no cause she could find.  Meanwhile Pearl was dull, losing energy and weight, not absorbing nutrients.  She also was not growing very well.  I do believe we might have lost her. Dr Faraday checked out the ingredients of Pearl’s feed, took a brief history and came up with a life-saving organic supplement program which was tweaked as Pearl responded well to some things and better to others.  Because of…
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Liz Liverman

My 22 y/o TB mare, Fairen, has always had bad feet that are very thin soled and she also has severe arthritis in her hind end due to a pelvic fracture at a young age. She developed heaves in late summer this year and at the same time she had an uterine infection and foot abscess. I was dealing with multiple severe medical issues and was facing euthanasia. As one of my best mental health therapy horses, I wanted to make her as comfortable and happy as possible. I was doing a lot of research online, but didn’t see anything…
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MK & Tucker

Martha is not only an amazing horse woman but also has an eye for exactly what each horse needs for them to flourish in their daily life. When Martha first met Tucker in November 2019, he was eating way too much and just not looking the way he should with his weight, coat and eyes. Martha began a regime of ulcer treatment and within 3 months I had a healthier horse and in 6 months I basically had a new horse!!!! MK & Tucker
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LS & Badger

Dr. Martha Faraday has helped me with my OTTB foxhunting horse for the last 7 years. Her vast knowledge and research have helped us resolve many issues including poor hoof quality, weight loss during hunting season, possible gastric ulcers, EPM recovery, and behavioral issues. I trust her completely to recommend the best possible nutrition and supplement solutions to my horse’s ever-changing needs, to keep him in the best possible performance, condition and for long-term, overall health. LS & Badger
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Melissa White

I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Faraday after purchasing my first horse last year. As a 19 year old retired roping horse, he was dealing with significant arthritis, pain, mineral deficiency, ulcers, and obesity. After a few months on Dr. Faraday’s regimen, he is a whole new horse. The healing power of proper nutrition and care under Dr. Faraday’s guidance has blown me away.  Day by day I am seeing positive changes in his demeanor and stride. His eyes are clear, his coat, once the texture of a terrier, is now shiny and soft. Dr. Faraday has been there…
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Candice Ensign

We are so blessed for the knowledge and passion Martha has for helping horses heal. We are a nonprofit sanctuary in Colorado with more than 60 horses and mules, and we bring in the hurt and sick. Martha has helped us heal horses we didn’t know if we could — from an outbreak of strangles, which with Martha’s help we cleared up in a herd in record time, to a rescued dude ranch horse with a fractured sesamoid, who is now pasture sound and loving life. We believe in finding more natural options for our horses and helping them heal….
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