Liz Liverman

My 22 y/o TB mare, Fairen, has always had bad feet that are very thin soled and she also has severe arthritis in her hind end due to a pelvic fracture at a young age. She developed heaves in late summer this year and at the same time she had an uterine infection and foot abscess. I was dealing with multiple severe medical issues and was facing euthanasia. As one of my best mental health therapy horses, I wanted to make her as comfortable and happy as possible. I was doing a lot of research online, but didn’t see anything that would help my horse, until I saw a comment about Martha’s ability to help horses with medical issues using nutrition. I reached out to Martha in hopes that I could help my mare, and we had a conversation about her issues and came up with a nutritional plan to support Fairen. In about two weeks, I started to see a difference, and now at 2 months, I have a different, and very happy horse. Her breathing improved tremendously, and she is feeling so good, she is now cantering around the field with some happy bucks! I cannot thank Martha enough for helping me with this mare. Without Martha’s expertise, I would have had to euthanize the horse, and now I’m looking forward to many more years with her.

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