CD & Pearl

Dr. Martha Faraday saved my 2 year old Morgan filly’s life.  My vet had done bacterial testing and other blood work to determine the cause of Pearl’s chronic diarrhea. There was no cause she could find.  Meanwhile Pearl was dull, losing energy and weight, not absorbing nutrients.  She also was not growing very well.  I do believe we might have lost her.

Dr Faraday checked out the ingredients of Pearl’s feed, took a brief history and came up with a life-saving organic supplement program which was tweaked as Pearl responded well to some things and better to others.  Because of multiple causal factors Pearl was a very complicated patient. It took 9 months to heal Pearl’s whole gut. As a 3 year old Pearl is responsive, bright-eyed, a good weight, and has grown to a nice 14.2 hands with a shiny coat.  But most importantly she has had normal manure for over a month.

Thank you so very much Dr Martha Faraday !