My 13 year old Arab-Friesian mare was a rescue who came to me at age 7. Since the time I got her, she has been plagued with ulcers, poor muscle development, irritability, and then a torn rear suspensory. After the injury, I was advised to retire her as a pasture pet. After trying to address all of her issues and finding no permanent solutions while generating lots of vet bills, I had almost given up. Then I made the acquaintance of Martha Faraday. It turned out that all of her issues came down to nutrition. Once the nutritional fixes were in place, she started to heal. She is now sound, in the best body condition she has ever been in, and NOT MOODY! Even my farrier, who has been taking care of her feet since I got her, mentioned that her behavior is much improved. I am still in awe of what Martha was able to accomplish for my mare using tailored nutrition that focused specifically on my horse’s needs. And we are riding again!