CASE STUDY: Liver Failure and Regeneration

Owners and animals can be plunged into life-threatening situations without warning — a situation in which quick action with exactly the right substances is the only possibility for survival.

This is what happened to Clover, a 13 year old mammoth donkey. Her owner found her down in her paddock one morning when she went to feed. Clover could not stand, eat or drink. An emergency vet visit and blood work revealed that her liver was badly damaged. It became clear that she had been deliberately poisoned by an angry neighbor. Immediate euthanasia was recommended as this degree of liver damage is considered life-ending.

Her owner asked if there was anything we could try to help her. Three supplements were overnighted — two with liver regenerative properties and one with toxin absorbing actions. These were syringed into Clover twice daily.

After one dose she resumed drinking. After two doses she stood up and began nibbling hay. At 48 hours after supplementation had begun, her liver values started to decrease. Her blood work normalized over the next two weeks. She had lingering pain in her feet for several weeks as her body worked through the detoxing process but that resolved without damage to her feet.

Meet Clover.

She is now as you see her below -/ a strong healthy donkey, matriarch of her herd — a wise and powerful symbol of survival against the odds. And of how the right substances at exactly the right time can leverage miraculous healing.

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Clover fully restored to health.
Clover enjoying the view at her farm.

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