CASE STUDY: EPM-Rehabilitation

Feeding to support the body to heal itself, no matter how dire the issues, is the root to deep, lasting healing.

This 16 year old TW gelding presented emaciated and with severe EPM. Full body muscle wasting is a common EPM symptom; as nerves begin to misfire their associated muscle fibers wither. All four legs were weak and his walk was disorganized because he could not coordinate his front and hind legs normally. His hind legs were so weak that he could barely lift them and he did not know where either hind foot was landing.

He began EPM treatment, a new diet designed to nourish his debilitated body, and a supplement regimen tonrepair the damage to his nervous system caused by the protozoa (medications do not repair damage).

Watch his progress. He gained 62 lbs in the first four weeks. His strength and coordination returned. At seven weeks he is almost unrecognizable. Note the improved body condition, the stronger and more balanced posture (especially the hind legs), and the rich dark coat color.

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