CASE STUDY: Colitis – Life-Ending

Baily is a 4 year old TB mare cherished by her family (the only existing cremello frame overo TB mare).  The first picture was taken the day I met her. She had been sent home from the hospital to die — she had a colitis so severe (lymphocytic plasmacytic enterocolitis) that it was judged untreatable.   In this condition the gut is so ulcerated that it can no longer process food and it is so leaky that the immune system begins to attack it as an alien tissue.  Every other horse known to have this form of colitis was diagnosed at the autopsy carried out after death (see here: ).  She could eat very little and had at most a few days left. 

Clients in crisis often find me through another client.  Her family found me this way and part of this miracle is that although she could have lived anywhere in the country she lives 20 min from our farm.  Note the present tense.  I drove over to see her with a nutraceutical arsenal in my truck.

Miracles of healing require three elements: 

1) the being in need of healing has to have a powerful drive to live; they have to passionately want their life because they have to endure the bodily suffering until it resolves; this requires tremendous emotional, physical, and spiritual strength; I warn clients that a perfectly valid choice is to say no…

2) everyone involved has to be completely committed and doing their absolute best; and

3) someone, and preferably everyone, has to hold the belief that anything is possible despite the odds.  There are two reasons for belief.  One is energetic — miracles prefer to manifest in the light.  The second is pragmatic— if you believe anything is possible then you never stop looking for ways and means and answers.  You never give up.  I never give up. 

As Baily, her owners, and I stood together, Baily bumped my chest with her head and fixed me with a clear blue eye filled with purpose.  Baily wanted her life and she believed — and that was enough for all of us. 

Because she was not eating much or reliably her family had to be willing to syringe everything into her twice a day.  Many syringes.  Twice a day.  Without fail.  For an unknown and extended period.  They committed.  We started.

The day I met Baily.
Five days into her gut restorative protocol.
Five weeks after being sent home to be euthanized.

The pictures tell the story — note the dates.  One of the fastest turnarounds I have ever witnessed.  Drive, commitment, and belief in perfect alignment with the destiny of a being who was not supposed to die. 

I can explain the science behind Baily’s healing, why each component of her protocol was chosen, how each one works, and why the synergy of those components helped lift her up and out of a death sentence.

But Baily and her best friend Avani say everything that needs to be said in the video.  One of my horses, also a white horse, during a grueling but ultimately successful struggle with cancer explained that no matter what is happening, the meaning of life is joy. If you are not inclined to credit the possibility of miracles, then go back and look at that first photo, remember that Baily was sent home to die, and watch the video.

Watch them.  Watch Baily.  This is a miracle.  This is life.  This is joy.  Watch it again.  Crank it up.

Baily and best friend Avani in perfect health enjoying the Virginia fall.

Need help with a horse?  If Baily’s gut can be healed then there is hope for every horse.  Please go to website:

Visuals courtesy of the phenomenal loving eye of Talia Frank

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