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About Four Oaks Equine Nutrition

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My Story

Dr. Martha M. Faraday (Ph.D.) is a scientist and holistic equine nutritionist on a mission.

My passion is to alleviate your horse’s suffering and your worry. This commitment was created by watching my own horses suffer: from laminitis and founder, career-ending neurological weakness, severe arthritis pain, incapacitating allergies, and the frailties of old age.

I tried everything to help my horses but nothing worked very well or for very long. When I turned my attention to the problem as a scientist, it became clear…


The key is to use food and nutraceuticals to support the body to heal itself. My new mantra became FOOD is the foundation for recovery and vibrant health and wellness.

Four Oaks Equine Nutrition’s mission is to create targeted nutritional protocols that address the most common career-shortening and life-threatening health issues horse owners face during their years of partnership with a horse.
With targeted equine nutrition, I am here to support you and your horse’s wellbeing. Let’s begin the journey toward vibrant health.

Common Issues Addressed

A foundation diet and targeted supplement protocols can effectively address:

  • Ulcers, colic, diarrhea, fecal water
  • Acute and chronic lameness
  • Neurological issues – equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM), neurological Lyme disease, “kissing spine,” wobblers, spinal cord injury
  • Hoof health – inadequate hoof growth, poor hoof quality, thin soles, abscesses, white line disease, thrush
  • Metabolically-compromised feet – laminitis, rotation, sinking, founder
  • Metabolic issues — insulin resistance, PPID/Cushings, weight loss, weight gain
  • Skin and respiratory allergies — equine asthma or heaves, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hives
  • Disorders of water balance – anhidrosis (inability to sweat), excessive drinking, excessive urination, kidney impairment/failure
  • Chronic pain — arthritis, injuries, long-term foot pain post laminitis or founder
  • Injuries – lacerations, fractures, punctures, non-healing wounds, proud flesh/scarring
  • Infections – systemic or localized such as infected wounds
  • Eyes – uveitis, corneal ulcerations/injuries, cataracts
  • Lyme disease – acute and chronic
  • Genetic disorders — PSSM1 and PSSM2, muscle myopathies
  • Liver dysfunction/failure
  • Cancers – squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, sarcoids, lymphoma, etc.
  • Anxiety; lack of confidence; violent, unpredictable or explosive behavior

Have your horse fully evaluated for nutritional needs and issues that can be addressed with a customized nutrition protocol.

How I Support You
& Your Horse

With every mouthful out of the feed bucket we can leverage healing and long-lasting, life-changing health and wellness

Nutritional Consultations

Beginning with a complete review and evaluation of everything that goes into your horse’s mouth, we uncover the potential underlying causes of your horse’s symptoms.

By identifying missing foundational nutritional needs and incorporating specific nutrients designed to support your horse with his or her unique issues, the healing process begins.

The new diet is designed to provide the body with what it needs to repair and rebuild itself, to heal from the inside out.

  • In addition to a diet plan, a consult includes the review of diagnostic information such as veterinary notes, blood work, disease-specific titers, imaging (x-rays, ultrasound, MRI), body work case notes, hair analyses, hay analyses, , as well as guidance about horse-keeping issues relevant to optimize your horse’s health.
  • Consults are conducted in-person for local clients (with additional farm call fee) or virtually for non-local clients (facilitated with photos and video of your horse).
  • Consults include six months of on-going support at no extra charge.

Post-consultation Support

Continued support beyond the initial six month period is available for all consultation clients.

Developing and maintaining a relationship with my clients is paramount to building our knowledge base as we document your horse’s road to recovery. Knowledge is power!

From monthly to annual support, you have unlimited access to me for on-going and unfolding questions and concerns about your horse’s health.

Whether the issue is new and urgent or one of ongoing management, I am here to answer your questions and provide recommendations for your unique situation.

Choose the option that works best for you!

Dr. Faraday walking a bridled horse

Equine Resource Library

Four Oaks Equine Nutrition offers a resource library with valuable information on a number of topics relevant to equine health and wellness.

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Dr. Martha Faraday saved my 2 year old Morgan filly’s life. My vet had done bacterial testing and other blood work to determine the cause of Pearl’s chronic diarrhea. There was no cause she could find. Meanwhile Pearl was dull, losing energy and weight, not absorbing nutrients. She also was not growing very well. I do believe we might have lost her.

Dr Faraday checked out the ingredients of Pearl’s feed, took a brief history and came up with a life-saving organic supplement program which was tweaked as Pearl responded well to some things and better to others. Because of multiple causal factors Pearl was a very complicated patient. It took 9 months to heal Pearl’s whole gut. As a 3 year old Pearl is responsive, bright-eyed, a good weight, and has grown to a nice 14.2 hands with a shiny coat. But most importantly she has had normal manure for over a month.

Thank you so very much Dr Martha Faraday !

CD & Pearl