Holistic Equine Nutrition

Dr. Martha M. Faraday (Ph.D.) is a scientist and holistic equine nutritionist whose mission is to alleviate suffering and promote vibrant health in horses of all ages. Dr. Faraday apprenticed to an internationally known veterinarian, nutritionist, and equine herbalist for her core training and certification. Prior to her work with horses, Dr. Faraday spent nearly two decades developing evidence-based medical treatment protocols for physicians to optimize care of human patients. After struggling to manage her own horses’ complex conditions – insulin resistance, founder, neurological issues, allergies — she was inspired to turn her attention to a deeper understanding of how to use food and nutraceuticals to support the body in healing itself. “Food is the foundation” became her mantra. She continues her training with tutorials from expert practitioners and formulators. Her practice includes horses in all stages of life and work, from horses in intensive competition to retired elders.

A letter from Martha

I am a scientist, an intuitive, and an empath. As you tell me about your horse, I feel your anguish and your horse’s struggle, I build an intuitive picture of your horse’s condition, and I apply the science of equine nutrition to figure out how best to help you and your horse using foods and nutraceuticals that I am confident will make a difference. Many clients are in tears during our first consult because they love their horses, they have tried everything, often at incredible expense, and still the horse suffers. The most frequent comment that comes at the end of that first consult is, “You have given me hope.”

My passion is to alleviate your horse’s suffering and your worry. That commitment was created by watching my own horses suffer – from laminitis and founder, from career-ending neurological weakness, from severe arthritic pain, from incapacitating allergies, from the frailties that came with not aging gently or well. I tried everything. Finally, after a pivotal conversation with a senior holistic practitioner, I realized why nothing was helping enough or for very long. Food is the foundation. We must start there because that is where healing begins. With every mouthful out of the feed bucket we can set the stage for the body to recover. With focused selection of specific nutrients, we can provide what the body needs to repair and rebuild itself.

Be hopeful. Horses are incredibly resilient. Take a look at the Case Histories. Take a look at The Power of Food. Take a look at the Testimonials. Let me help.