Food is the foundation.

Using the power of nutrition to restore horses to vibrant health.

Our mission: to alleviate suffering and promote vibrant health in horses of all ages.

The power of nutrition is the key to restore YOUR horse to a vibrant & healthy life.

Why Food Matters

The contents of your horse’s feed bucket matter more than anything else you do to take care of your horse. Why? Because most horses are fed daily – the great constant of horse care. The contents of that bucket must cover your horse’s foundational needs for specific vitamins and minerals and other key nutrients – otherwise body systems begin to break down.

The chronic absence of key nutrients puts horses at risk for:

  • Over- or under-weight
  • Inadequate hoof growth and/or poor quality hooves
  • Metabolic issues such as laminitis, founder, pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID or Cushings)
  • Gut irritation, inflammation, and ulcers
  • Infections and allergies
  • Weak tendons and ligaments
  • Joint inflammation and arthritis
  • Mood imbalances such as anxiety or explosiveness

Chronic health issues often reveal nutritional deficits. For example, poor hoof quality usually indicates that a horse lacks the key nutrients that make up a hoof, is unable to absorb those nutrients, and/or has inadequate blood flow to the feet. Similarly, horses with weight or metabolic issues, gut irritation, allergies, infections, tendon and ligament inflammation, arthritis, and mood disturbances typically have a history of long-term nutritional deficits.

When your horse is nutritionally covered – all key requirements are met on a daily basis – your horse’s capacity to heal is leveraged. That is the foundation diet designed for your horse by Four Oaks Equine Nutrition.  With this diet in place, some problems, even longstanding issues, may simply go away. Other issues may require deeper support in the form of targeted supplementation.

But how do you know which supplement to use for what condition under which circumstances for a specific horse? As a scientist (a Ph.D.) trained in evidence-based medicine, physiology, and pharmacology, I have invested thousands of hours in the study of equine supplements to support you to answer that question. The combination of your horse’s foundational diet that covers key nutritional needs and targeted effective supplementation is the path to healing and sustained wellness.


What Our Customers Say

We are so blessed for the knowledge and passion Martha has for helping horses heal.

We are a nonprofit sanctuary in Colorado with more than 60 horses and mules, and we bring in the hurt and sick. Martha has helped us heal horses we didn’t know if we could — from an outbreak of strangles, which with Martha’s help we cleared up in a herd in record time, to a rescued dude ranch horse with a fractured sesamoid, who is now pasture sound and loving life. We believe in finding more natural options for our horses and helping them heal. Martha has been instrumental in helping us do this. With Martha’s knowledge, equine lives are being saved daily. These are horses that would possibly be euthanized, who are now living healthy productive lives.

Thank you, Martha, for all you do. You are our angel.

Candace Ensign

Uncover the Amazing Benefits of Horse Nutrition

Tailored equine nutrition for YOUR horse is the foundation for all healing and wellness – no matter how complicated the challenges may be. I am here to support you in the restoration and maintenance of your horse’s health. Let’s start now.